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About Us

CaWaSa was founded by innovative folks with decades of experience in providing custom software development, integrations, and business consulting services. Regardless of the industry – we’ve seen the aftermath of what could go wrong, what would have worked, and what should have been the best outcome.

Success requires focused collaboration and meaningful communication. Our work begins once we learn exactly what your desired outcome is.

At our core, we’re about empowering your team with the tools and the insight to bypass what “coulda”, “woulda” or “shoulda” worked and turn ideas into reality.


Custom Development

CaWaSa pushes through the boundaries of “how it’s always been done.” We pride ourselves on developing cutting-edge solutions to redefine the industries and the communities around us.

We start by getting to know YOU- your brand, your clients, and your systems. You know where you want your company to be, and you know there has to be a more effective way to get there.

We take your ideas and turn them into reality using industry standard tools and highly competent people. If you can dream, it we can create it. More importantly, we partner with you to ensure we deliver the right solution in the right timeframe.

Business Development & Strategy Consulting

Like people, every business is different, with different aspirations, and different abilities. Through our consulting services we help companies achieve their full potential.

Typically, we start with Strategic Business Consulting where we review business processes, personnel, structure, and goals, then work with you to formulate a strategy to achieve the goals of the organization or business unit. Using a business plan to drive the goals and strategy we help companies by giving them a plan, execute on that plan, and bring about measurable results.

We also offer business development; creating IT strategy plans; advising on technology processes; formulating process improvements; advisory services for mergers/acquisitions.

Systems Integration

As the business world rapidly moves toward a more integrated marketplace, it’s important to survey the landscape. The right partners will help drive more users to your organization though increased functionality and optimized services.

CaWaSa can connect your API and your target integration API to maximize efficiency and increase overall satisfaction for your users. We can also help identify and negotiate additional partnerships to improve productivity.

Contact Us

Robert Williams

317 W. Morgan, #515 Raleigh, North Carolina 27601


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